From 'My Little Pony' to 'Hannah Montana'

From 'My Little Pony' to 'Hannah Montana'

ATLANTA -- When Kris Medlen learned that Jonny Venters had been promoted from Triple-A Gwinnett on Saturday, he knew it was time to go to Target to buy the newest member of Atlanta's bullpen a welcoming gift.

Since joining the big league squad last June, Medlen had been assigned the duty of putting drinks, candy and a variety of other items in a pink "My Little Pony" backpack that he was forced to carry to the bullpen on a nightly basis.

With the "My Little Pony" backpack retired, Venters will carry these items in a blue "Hannah Montana" backpack that Medlen purchased on his way to Turner Field for Saturday night's game against the Rockies.

"I was deliberating between a baby-blue Tinkerbell one, and then I saw that one and said, 'Yeah, definitely that one' because [Hannah Montana] is cool," Medlen said.

Medlen had some fun with this assignment, issuing request sheets that allowed the more-tenured relievers to request what they wanted placed in the bag.

So what was the most original request?

"[Former Braves closer] Mike Gonzalez used to like to use smelling salts while he was warming up, so I threw some in there for him," Medlen said.