Rainout enables Braves to recharge

ATLANTA -- No one will ever question the Braves' passion for the game and how much they love to play.

But sometimes it's not so bad to have a day to recharge, especially when you don't expect it. Saturday was one such day.

What was supposed to be their ninth straight game in a stretch in which they were scheduled to play 20 straight days instead turned into a one-day holiday. Rain, which began late Friday night and continued into the early morning Sunday, led to the decision to postpone Saturday's game.

Was Mother Nature perhaps sending a message to the schedule-makers?

"Maybe it was," said third baseman Chris Johnson. "It's been a tough schedule, but that's not something we really want to talk about too much because we're not about making excuses."

"We've had a tough schedule, and you look ahead and we've got 10 games or so on the road without any days off until we get back, so it was almost like a much-needed day off that almost should have been part of our schedule to begin with," said outfielder Reed Johnson. "It was good to kind of get that day off yesterday."

The decision to postpone the game came at around 2 p.m. ET. Perfect timing to enjoy a day at home with the family.

"It very rarely happens that you get a text before you get to the field," said second baseman Dan Uggla. "So once I'm here, I want to play and get it in. I don't come down here to wait on a cancelled game. But I wasn't even at the field yet. So not to have to worry about it, think about it, or even get to the field, it was cool. It was a nice relaxing day."

"Especially before a 10-game road trip, I got to spend the whole day with my kid and my wife," said pitcher Kris Medlen, who enjoyed the day with his 3-month-old son. "So it was a breath of fresh air."

Not everyone was 100 percent behind the off-day, however. Closer Craig Kimbrel enjoyed the day of relaxation, but admitted there was a part of him that wanted the rain to cease.

"I did, definitely," he said with a laugh. "I wanted to get back out there on the mound. Hopefully, I can get out there today."

Jon Cooper and Barrett Sallee are contributors to MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.