Murphy organizes reunion for 1982 Braves team

Murphy organizes reunion for 1982 Braves team

ATLANTA -- Before the Braves began winning division titles on an annual basis in the 1990s, their greatest memories in Atlanta centered on Hank Aaron's home run chase and the unexpected run the 1982 team made toward the National League West title.

Looking to rekindle memories from that season, Dale Murphy organized the 1982 Baby Blue Fest in Atlanta this weekend. The event allowed 30 fans from 14 different states to spend Saturday with some of their favorite personalities from that team -- Murphy, Phil Niekro, Bob Horner, Gene Garber, Bruce Benedict and Pete Van Wieren.

"The older you get, the more you like to reminisce," Murphy said. "We've had a good time. We weren't as good as these teams now, but we had our moment in the sun."

Before coming to Saturday night's game at Turner Field, the group gathered at a downtown Atlanta hotel for lunch and a chance to watch the TBS documentary "It's a Long Way to October," which detailed the 1982 team's run to the playoffs.

The team gained immediate national notice when it won its first 13 games of the season. The Braves were swept by the Cardinals in the NL Championship Series.

"We were kind of known for our first two weeks and our last week," Murphy said.