Janish has shoulder pop out of place on dive

Janish has shoulder pop out of place on dive

MIAMI -- Shortstop Paul Janish dislocated his left shoulder late Tuesday night in the Braves' 4-3 loss to the Marlins at Marlins Park.

Janish entered the game in the ninth inning as a defensive substitution after the Braves rallied from a three-run deficit to tie the game in the top of the inning, and he was quickly tested. Jose Reyes singled to lead off the frame, and then Carlos Lee followed with a sharply hit ball to the left side of the infield.

Janish made a diving stab at the ball and prevented it from leaving the infield dirt, but he injured his shoulder in the process, as it popped out of the socket. He was unable to get up and make a play at either base, and both runners were safe. He exited the game and had to have the shoulder popped back into place before he was taken for X-rays, which showed no structural damage.

"We'll know more [Wednesday], but it's not a good injury," Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez said. "You put him in there to play defense, and he makes a [heck] of a play and he hurts himself."

Janish has had his shoulder pop out of the socket on eight or nine occasions, but he said he was always able to slide it back into place on his own. Tuesday was the first time he had to get someone else to manipulate it back into the socket.

"Usually it slides right back in and it still hurts, but it's something you can kind of shimmy in and deal with it or whatever," Janish said. "When I got back up here, they popped it back in, which was a little painful, but it was at least immediate relief. It's usually sore for a few days, but usually it's not too bad."