New York watering hole to become 'Chipper's'

New York watering hole to become 'Chipper's'

ATLANTA -- Over the past decade, Foley's Pub and Restaurant in New York has become a popular spot for many different members of the baseball world. This weekend, the popular Manhattan bar will change its name to Chipper's.

The bar's owner, Shaun Clancy, is excited about the opportunity to celebrate Chipper Jones' last scheduled trip to play in New York City.

This weekend will be the last in which Jones plays in front of those Mets fans with which he has developed a love-hate relationship over the course of his storied career.

"Sometimes you have to tip your cap to your opponent," Clancy said. "There are few opponents in recent memory who have been as successful as Chipper Jones [as] a visiting player in New York City.

While Chipper has broken the hearts of many Mets fans over the years, New Yorkers are as knowledgeable as anyone, and they know greatness when they see it -- even when it resulted in disappointment for their hometown team."

Along with changing the bar's name, Clancy will also be offering chips, the Irish term for French Fries, in 10 different ways to honor Jones, who has worn No. 10 dating back to his rookie season in 1995.