In 11th season, Ross notches first stolen base

In 11th season, Ross notches first stolen base

In 11th season, Ross notches first stolen base
PHILADELPHIA -- It took 636 games and four attempts spread over 11 seasons. But when Braves catcher David Ross retires, he will now have the opportunity to say that he recorded at least one stolen base in his career.

Ross' memorable moment occurred during the seventh inning of Wednesday night's 12-6 win against the Phillies. With Paul Janish at the plate attempting to add to a four-run Braves lead, Ross took advantage of Josh Lindblom's slow delivery and benefited from the element of surprise as he stole second base.

With some assistance from Braves starting catcher Brian McCann, Ross was able to secure the second-base bag. He said he will proudly display it inside his family residence in Florida.

"It's a stolen base, and I'm going to have it in my house so that everybody knows that I at least have one," Ross said. "I'm pretty proud of it and I got a pretty good jump, that's for sure."

Former Braves manager Russ Nixon and the Astros' Chris Snyder are the only catchers since 1900 to play more than 636 games without recording a stolen base.

Ross playfully admitted that he thought about raising the second-base bag in the air after he completed the steal.

"I actually thought about it, I really did," Ross said. "But it was still a tight game and I've got to keep my professionalism. I was really excited. I was really happy."