Six weeks later, Beachy has full range of motion

Six weeks later, Beachy has full range of motion

Six weeks later, Beachy has full range of motion
ATLANTA -- Thursday marked the six-week point in Braves right-hander Brandon Beachy's recovery from Tommy John surgery. Beachy, who was leading the Major Leagues with a 2.00 ERA when he was injured in June, said the recovery is going well so far, and he has recovered full range of motion in his elbow.

"I feel great," Beachy said. "Now it's just the waiting game."

Beachy won't be able to start throwing again for another two and a half months. While he waits, he is working on strengthening his shoulder and back.

Though getting full range of motion in his elbow back is an important part of the recovery process, Beachy said he isn't measuring his progress yet.

"Everyone gets their range of motion back at different times," Beachy said. "The key thing is just to get it back. I've got it back. It's way too early to be thinking of ahead or behind in terms of schedule. The setbacks and all those things happen a lot farther down the road, once you start throwing."

Beachy said one of the hardest parts of the recovery is being away from the team. While the Braves are in Atlanta, he works out at Turner Field and can be with his teammates. But when they're on the road, he has to stay home.

It was especially hard for Beachy to watch from his living room as the Braves rallied from a 9-0 deficit to beat the Nationals, 11-10, in 11 innings on July 20 in Washington.

"It was pretty tough that 9-0 comeback in Washington to be sitting at home watching that, watching them celebrate and not being there," Beachy said. "I was all alone by myself, turning to my left and right for high fives and nobody's there."