Freeman keeps it light with walk-up music

Freeman keeps it light with walk-up music

WASHINGTON -- Freddie Freeman has certainly drawn some recent attention courtesy of the fact that he has chosen the pop song "Call Me Maybe" to play before each of his plate appearances during games at Turner Field.

Freeman said he has heard many of fans yell things like, "Are you serious with that song?" The Braves' witty first baseman provided a funny explanation that included a shot at the song that has played before Chipper Jones has come to the plate during much of his career.

"There are some teenage boys who might not think it's cool," Freeman said. "But when you're in touch with your manhood, you can walk out to 'Call Me Maybe' and not worry about it. They just don't know what's cool right now. Walking out to 'Call Me Maybe' and [Justin] Bieber songs, that's all cool. It's not like 'Crazy Train.' Geez, they've heard that for 19 years."

As Jones prepares to retire at the end of this year, many will always think of him when they hear "Crazy Train." Two decades from now, Freeman will have chosen a number of other walk-up songs, many of which might seem every bit as peculiar as "Call Me Maybe," a hit by Canadian pop star Carly Rae Jepsen.

"I'm not a serious guy, so I can't go up there to a serious song, plus it seems like a lot of people have fun with it," Freeman said.