Freeman deals with eye issues, back in lineup

Freeman deals with eye issues, back in lineup

Freeman deals with eye issues, back in lineup
ATLANTA -- Dry eyes continue to bother Freedie Freeman, but after "running around Atlanta" on Friday, the Braves' first baseman believes he has a solution that has allowed him to get back on the field.

He got new contacts and a pair of glasses to wear during games, which allowed him to return to the lineup for Friday's series opener against the Nationals after missing one game.

Gonzalez is happy to get Freeman back in the middle of the lineup.

"He came in this morning and saw the doctor, and we're good," Gonzalez said.

Freeman said his eye problems have hampered him over the last couple weeks. Whether he's at first base or in the batter's box, he said he sees two balls flying at him and has been reduced to guessing which one was real. After almost missing an easy throw from shortstop Tyler Pastornicky on Wednesday, he knew he had to sit out until his vision was fixed.

The problem, Freeman said, is his tear ducts aren't producing enough tears, which has led to his eyes drying out. The issue is similar to something that McCann went through a few years ago, and the pair have discussed many home remedies. Nothing, however has worked.

"I've been drinking eight, nine 16-ounce waters a day, trying to do everything I can," Freeman said. "I'm drinking everything and eating fish, I'm taking fish oil, I'm doing everything I can. Everything anybody has told me, I'm doing it. I'm just trying to get my eyes healthy."

Until his tear ducts return to normal, Freeman is keeping his eyes wet with eye drops. They are more effective when he wears glasses, so in addition to his new pair of glasses, he also ordered a special pair from Under Armor and is eagerly anticipating the shipment.

"We said it's an emergency," Freeman said. "They're cutting them right now, so hopefully [they come] before the next road trip. I'll just rock these for a couple days."