McCann suffers concussion in collision

McCann suffers concussion in collision

PHILADELPHIA -- Briefly, it appeared to be just another of those powerful throws that he's received from Jeff Francoeur. But given the end result, it's one that Brian McCann would like to forget.

Or maybe more appropriately, one that the All-Star catcher is thankful to have the opportunity to forget.

After receiving a throw from Francoeur in the sixth inning of Sunday's 12-10 loss to the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park, McCann was involved in a helmet-to-helmet collision at the plate with Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino. He was knocked unconscious momentarily and later diagnosed with a mild concussion that will sideline him for a few days.

"Once I was up and regained consciousness, I knew I was going to be alright," said McCann, who had a headache after the game. "At first, it was a little scary."

McCann regained consciousness shortly after Braves head athletic trainer Jeff Porter arrived on the field. After sitting up, McCann was able to walk off the field slowly under his own power.

X-rays of McCann's neck proved negative, and the Braves are hopeful that he might return to their lineup by the latter portion of this week.

"He wasn't moving, and that's what you really worry about," said Braves first baseman Mark Teixeira, who was one of the first players to race toward McCann. "You'd almost rather see him flopping around there."

As McCann rested motionless on his left side, with his teammates and Victorino surrounding him, there was definitely cause for concern. The helmet-to-helmet collision happened before the Braves catcher even knew exactly where the Phillies outfielder was.

McCann received Francoeur's throw in front of the plate and whipped toward his left, expecting a slide. Instead, Victorino lowered his shoulder and jarred the ball loose with the collision.

"He was just trying to score," McCann said. "I'd have done the same thing if I was trying to score. There wasn't anything wrong with it. We're buddies. It was real clean. He plays the game hard. "

Victorino remained on the field until McCann sat up and called the Braves catcher after the game.

"I was just trying to [score] and the only way I thought I could be safe was to jar the ball loose," Victorino said. "I talked to him a second ago and he said he was fine. ... I just wanted to let him know I wasn't trying to be dirty."

With Corky Miller the only catcher available on their 25-man roster, the Braves likely will have to promote Clint Sammons from Triple-A Richmond before Monday's game against the Cardinals.

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