Chipper rests with hopes of staying healthy

Chipper rests with hopes of staying healthy

ATLANTA -- As Chipper Jones prepared to rest his sore legs during Wednesday afternoon's game against the Mets, he said he is hoping that his surgically repaired left knee starts to prove more comfortable over the next few days and weeks.

After playing a third straight game for the first time this year on Tuesday night, Jones awoke on Wednesday feeling what he described as "normal" soreness with his upper leg muscles. The veteran third baseman expected to feel this kind of discomfort when he returned from the disabled list on April 11 and played nine innings for the first time since the end of last season.

"I'm obviously still concerned about the knee blowing up and still hurting," Jones said. "But the leg soreness and all of that, that's normal. I played two games and took a day or two off. Now I just played three straight, and I get today off. So hopefully today's day off will give me some relief tomorrow."

Jones underwent arthroscopic surgery on March 26 to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee. After Jones played two games in Houston last week, some fluid formed around the joint during the flight back to Atlanta, forcing him to miss the first two games of this past weekend's series against the Brewers.

Hoping to avoid a repeat, Jones will wrap his knee during Wednesday night's flight to Arizona. The veteran third baseman, who will turn 40 on Tuesday, is hoping to play in Thursday night's series opener against the D-backs.

"It's not a good recipe for staying healthy if I keep going out there," Jones said Wednesday morning. "So, I'm going to take today and whatever additional time I might need, if any, to take to get my legs in shape."