Strong quadriceps key for Chipper's knee

Strong quadriceps key for Chipper's knee

Strong quadriceps key for Chipper's knee
ATLANTA -- Braves associate physician Dr. Marvin Royster has performed each of the six surgeries on Chipper Jones' knees dating back to 1994. Royster can also take some credit for being the guy who put Jones in position to return to the Braves lineup just two weeks after undergoing his most recent surgery.

Once he determined that he would be repairing a torn meniscus in Jones' left knee on March 26, Royster told the former National League MVP that it would be in his best interest to strengthen his left quadriceps muscle as much as possible before the surgery.

After learning on March 23 that surgery would be likely, Jones spent the three days before surgery lifting weights and completing exercises that focused on the quadriceps muscle. The added strength allowed him to find relief soon after the surgery.

"I bounced back and got rid of the swelling quickly," Jones said. "I was able to fire my quad within 36 hours. All of that is very important."

Jones was activated from the Braves lineup on Tuesday and helped Atlanta gain two quick wins before missing the first two games of this weekend's series against the Brewers because of fluid that had built up around the knee. He returned to play third base and bat third in Sunday's series finale.

While Jones could return quickly after having his knee drained, he learned last year the significance of making sure his quad muscles were strong before returning. After having a torn meniscus repaired in his right knee last July, he returned 16 days later and injured his right quad in his first game. That ailment primarily limited him to pinch-hit duties for the next two weeks.

"I don't want to do that this time," Jones said. "You learn your lessons."