Chipper has bone bruise, but stays in lineup

Chipper has bone bruise, but stays in lineup

Chipper has bone bruise, but stays in lineup
ATLANTA -- Chipper Jones has been saying for days that he doesn't want to hear how any of his teammates are tired or hurting. All the third baseman wants is "all hands on deck" as the Braves try to close out the regular season with a Wild Card berth in hand.

Jones will be practicing what he's been preaching from here on out.

The third baseman was in the Braves' lineup in Tuesday night's 7-1 loss to the Phillies, despite an MRI revealing a bone bruise and fluid in the joint of his troublesome right knee.

"I've been preaching all along," Jones said. "People are tired, people are hurt. So what? Let's go. Let's wrap it up."

Jones said occasional rest won't do him much good, as the knee likely won't start showing signs of improvement until the offseason. The 39-year-old plans to remain in the lineup as long as the Braves are in the running.

"[Head athletic trainer] Bubba [Porter] said I should start feeling better around Thanksgiving," Jones said. "I doubt a day here or a day there is going to do much good."

Jones seemed to aggravate the knee as he ran from second to third base in the sixth inning of Monday's loss the Phillies. He underwent an X-ray following the game before having the MRI exam Tuesday morning.

His right knee has bothered him most of the season and has only slightly improved since he underwent arthroscopic surgery in July to repair a torn meniscus.

"I wanted to know exactly what was causing the pain," he said. "Nothing was showing up. There weren't any loose bodies on the X-rays, which was a good thing."

It's strictly a matter of playing through pain for Jones. Manager Fredi Gonzalez may try to lift Jones for a pinch-runner or defensive substitution in the later innings, depending on the score.

"He wants in. He doesn't want to come out of that lineup and I didn't expect him to," Gonzalez said. "We'll adjust as the game goes on."

Jones said that his knee's latest issue won't have any effect on his decision to return in 2012.

"We'll worry about next year next year," he said. "I'm still intent on coming back. I thoroughly expect to have some problems with it again at points next year."