Braves, Mets postpone final two games of set

Braves, Mets postpone final two games of set

Braves, Mets postpone final two games of set
NEW YORK -- As Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez was traveling to Citi Field on the subway early Friday afternoon, he was under the assumption that the first two games of this weekend's series against the Mets would be played. He already knew Sunday's game would be postponed because of Hurricane Irene.

Approximately one stop away from Citi Field, Gonzalez received a call from Braves general manager Frank Wren, who created brief alarm when he excitedly told his team's manager, "Don't get off the train."

Fortunately, Wren was not calling Gonzalez with a warning. He simply told him that a decision had been made to postpone both Saturday and Sunday's scheduled games against the Mets. This meant the Braves' charter flight would return to Atlanta after Friday night's 6-0 loss to the Mets.

Unfortunately for Gonzalez, his coaches and some of his players, this meant they had to return to their Manhattan hotel to collect their belongings, and then return to prepare for Friday night's game.

Gonzalez took the train back to Manhattan and then used a town car to return to Citi Field.

"It took about two or three hours for all of the traveling," Gonzalez said. "I spent about four bucks on the train and about a hundred bucks with the car service."

Gonzalez's tale was just one of the many lighthearted stories created after the players and coaches learned Saturday and Sunday's games had been postponed. They will be made up as part of a traditional doubleheader that will be played on Sept. 8. The first game will begin at 4:10 p.m. ET.

This schedule creates three consecutive days of rest for the Braves, who are not scheduled to play again until Tuesday night against the Nationals in Atlanta. They will work out Sunday at Turner Field.

Gonzalez said he will announce how this change will alter the alignment of his rotation later this weekend.

When the Braves players awoke Friday morning, they received a message informing them Saturday's scheduled game had been moved from 4 p.m. ET to noon. But after New York City officials announced the MTA will close Saturday at noon, the Mets were essentially forced to postpone the game.

Derek Lowe heard about the postponement when he arrived at Citi Field around 2 p.m. ET. When he returned to the stadium about two hours later, he was wearing shorts, an exercise shirt, tennis shoes and the blue blazer he needed for the charter flight back to Atlanta.

Jason Heyward, Eric Hinske, Jose Constanza and Alex Gonzalez were among the other players who needed to leave the stadium to gather their belongings in Manhattan. Brooks Conrad was leaving the hotel when he received a text from Brandon Beachy informing him he needed to bring his suitcase.

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