Schafer dealing with jammed finger

Schafer dealing with jammed finger

DENVER -- When Jordan Schafer slid into second base during the third inning of Wednesday night's loss to the Rockies and then immediately signaled for assistance from the dugout, Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez thought he was going to find his starting center fielder with a dislocated finger.

Fortunately Schafer's finger wasn't dislocated. But it was jammed hard enough to create too much swelling for him to start Thursday's series finale against the Rockies. He removed himself from the lineup after attempting to take some swings in the indoor cage about two hours before the first pitch.

"It's too swollen right now for me to get my fingers around the bat," Schafer said.

While Schafer was given no reason to believe he did any structural damage, he did feel increased discomfort as the swelling increased overnight. Still the 24-year-old center fielder is hoping to return to the lineup as early as Friday.

Schafer's finger jammed into the ground after the metal portion of his left wrist guard dug into the ground as he completed headfirst slide into second base. He played the remainder of the game and was thankful that he didn't have to make any necessary throws.

"I really don't know how I swung last night because after I did it, I felt terrible," Schafer said.