Chipper tests knee for first time since surgery

Chipper tests knee for first time since surgery

ATLANTA -- Chipper Jones' right knee felt a little heavy as he attempted to complete some modified sprints at Turner Field on Friday afternoon. But considering he is less than a week removed from arthroscopic surgery, the 39-year-old third baseman was happy with the results.

Testing the knee for the first time since Dr. Marvin Royster repaired a torn meniscus via a surgical procedure last Saturday, Jones ran about 10 40-yard sprints at 50 percent, took about 25 swings off a tee left-handed, fielded some grounders hit directly at him and played catch.

"It was sore. I got that heavy-leg feeling like my right leg was five pounds heavier than my left leg, which is normal," Jones said. "The big thing will be how it responds tomorrow."

As long as Jones feels good, he would like to perform similar exercises before Saturday afternoon's game with the Nationals. He was encouraged that his knee started to feel better as he progressed through Friday's workout.

"I'm sore now, but that's a lot six days post-op," Jones said. "I want to know what I can do. If it's a little sore tomorrow we'll back off and I'll get back at it Sunday."

Jones played nearly two months after learning that he had a torn meniscus in his right knee. But given a chance to spend some of his recovery time during the All-Star break, he opted to undergo the minor surgical procedure last weekend. He is hoping to return to the Braves' lineup around July 26.