Teammates enjoy Hudson's home run trot

Teammates enjoy Hudson's home run trot

Teammates enjoy Hudson's home run trot
ATLANTA -- Chipper Jones smirked and chuckled when asked to describe how Tim Hudson reacted after hitting a two-run homer and allowing two hits over eight-plus scoreless innings in Monday's 2-0 win over the Blue Jays.

"He was so basking in his glory last night," Jones said. "He milked that homer for every second that he possibly could."

According to MLB Productions research guru Roger Schlueter, Hudson became just the 13th starting pitcher since 1919 to throw at least eight innings in a team shutout and account for all of his team's runs with a home run (or a pair of home runs).

But Hudson was likely the first one to do so minutes after being hit in the chest with a baseball. As he was sitting in the dugout during the seventh inning, Hudson was suddenly hit in the left chest by Blue Jays shortstop Yunel Escobar's errant throw.

"I was just sitting here when somebody set a pick on me and then all of the sudden, the ball hit me," Hudson said before adding, "I'm tough."

Hudson said he did not feel any pain before he went to the plate and hit his second career homer. But Jones and catcher David Ross have been among those playfully telling him that he might have felt some pain from an opposing pitcher after the slow home run trot he produced.

"It could get him drilled his next time up the next time we face the Blue Jays," Jones said with a smile.