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Braves want 11 for No. 6, don shirts for Cox

Braves want 11 for No. 6, don shirts for Cox

SAN FRANCISCO -- Braves manager Bobby Cox has spent this season trying to deflect attention away from his impending retirement. But now that Atlanta has reached the postseason, his players are wearing the desire to give him one more World Series on their chests.

Before opening their National League Division Series against the Giants at AT&T Park on Thursday night, many of the Braves players were wearing T-shirts that read "11 FOR 6." It stands for the 11 wins they need to claim to give Cox, who wears No. 6, a celebratory conclusion to his legendary career.

"It's amazing that you're just 11 wins away from something you've waited for your whole life," Braves outfielder Matt Diaz said before Thursday's game. "It kind of hit home. But you've got to get one [win] first."