Cox grateful for tributes from across Majors

Cox grateful for tributes from across Majors

ATLANTA -- Before the start of Bobby Cox Weekend at Turner Field -- complete with a No. 6 painted onto the center-field grass in tribute -- and Friday's series opener with the Phillies, the Braves' manager took time to reflect on the many gifts that had come his way during his farewell tour, better known as the 2010 season.

With gifts from 28 of the 30 teams already received -- only the Braves were left and they will honor him before Saturday afternoon's game -- Cox expressed his gratitude in front of a playoff-sized throng of reporters.

"They were all great gestures," he said. "I appreciate them all the same."

Cox couldn't say the same about all of the farewell days, as he admitted that one day hit him harder emotionally than the others.

That was Aug. 22 at Wrigley Field in Chicago, and the emotion of the day had nothing to do with him. That day was all about Cubs manager Lou Piniella.

"Lou had announced his retirement that Sunday morning and that was going to be his last game, and they were doing a little presentation," Cox said. "He wanted to come to the plate with the lineup card and he got a great standing ovation. Tears were in his and my eyes, because that was the last time he was putting [the uniform] on. That one was a little rough.

"It was great. I was proud to be there with my friend, Lou. But they've all been so great. Kind of fun, really."

What hasn't been and won't be fun is finding room for everything.

For that, he'll be counting on the help of his wife, Pam.

"I don't have a house big enough for all the stuff," he said. "It's really neat. We're going to go through everything and see where we can put it."

Once they decide, which will be at the conclusion of the Braves' season, which Cox hopes includes the postseason, he'll find time to properly thank the 28 participating teams. Only the Marlins decided not to honor Cox.

"I do write thank you notes," he said.