Lowe tired of coming out on short end

Lowe tired of coming out on short end

DENVER -- Derek Lowe has attempted to maintain his sanity by continuing to display his often witty and lighthearted personality. But after watching the Braves lose for the 10th time over the course of his past 12 starts Tuesday night, the veteran pitcher was visibly frustrated.

"It seems like I lose every time I go out there," Lowe said. "It's been a long time."

It's actually been just a little more than two weeks since Lowe beat the Giants on Aug. 8. This served as just one of the two victories that he has claimed while posting a respectable 3.79 ERA over his past 12 starts.

While going 1-3 with a 3.26 ERA in August, Lowe has been plagued by a lack of run support. The Braves have scored two runs or fewer while he's still been on the mound in four of the five starts he's made this month.

"I've gone through streaks like this before," Lowe said. "But it definitely gets frustrating because of the time of year that we're in. You want to go out and win and games and we've lost quite a few of my starts in a row."