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Hudson unsure he could play outfield

Hudson unsure he could play outfield

DENVER -- While shagging fly balls during batting practice, Tim Hudson gains the sense that he still has the athletic skills that allowed him to serve as an above-average center fielder during his standout career at Auburn University.

"In my head, I'm pretty good at it," Hudson said. "But the skills have vanished over the years. Mentally, I think you think you can still do it."

The realistic portion of Hudson's psyche tells him that he wouldn't feel comfortable if asked to do what Phillies veteran hurler Roy Oswalt did during Tuesday night's 16-inning loss to the Astros. Out of position players when Ryan Howard was ejected at the end of the 14th inning, the Phillies were forced to play the rest of the game with Oswalt serving as their left fielder.


"I think guys probably think it would be cool to get out there," Hudson said. "But if it came down to it and a pitcher had to go in as an outfielder, I don't think I'd be comfortable out there making plays when the game is on the line. I don't think pitchers want to be the reason why you win or lose a game, because they goof up a play. But if that's your only option, it's your only option."