Fein: Chant for the MVP

Fein: Chant for the MVP

Atlanta fans are missing the boat on this one. It's something they should have been doing a long time ago. I guess for some, it's hard to believe; but this time, it's true.

Atlanta, the 2005 National League MVP is playing at Turner Field. And you need to start letting him know you want him to win the award. Every time Andruw Jones comes to bat at home, the faithful should be shouting at the top of their lungs: "M-V-P!, M-V-P!, M-V-P!"

Jones has stepped up and had the kind of season Braves fans have been waiting for since those World Series home runs in his rookie season during the 1996 Fall Classic. What nobody could have known was that Jones would come through this season when the team needed him most. And that is what separates his credentials from the other candidates for this year's National League MVP Award.

Derrek Lee has put up more than respectable numbers for the Chicago Cubs. The problem is he hasn't single handedly kept his team in the playoff hunt. Andruw Jones has.

Albert Pujols has had another incredible year in St. Louis as he builds his Hall of Fame resume, but his problem is defense. Oh, he's a good enough first baseman, but he's not playing arguably the toughest position in the field, and he's not doing it better than anyone else in the game. Andruw Jones is.

The Atlanta Braves are a surprise at the top of the National League East. Their preseason corner outfield experiment didn't live up to expectations. Enter the rookie recruits.

Their former MVP, current on-field leader, and most feared bat, Chipper Jones, spent much of the season watching while injured from the dugout.

And 60 percent of their starting rotation was sitting next to Chipper for much of that time. But there was one constant: Andruw Jones.

When the team needed a great play in the field, on a day when the arms didn't have it, Andruw was there. When the team needed run production when the young kids were struggling, Andruw was there. Andruw Jones has produced for his team like no other player in baseball this season. With all due respect to Mr. Lee and Mr. Pujols, but this one isn't even close.

So, when you head to the park to watch a part of history, when you're at Turner Field witnessing one of the games that helps the Braves win their unprecedented 14th straight division title, while you're walking your kids back to your seats from Tooner Field, speak it loud and speak it proud. Every time Andruw Jones comes up to the plate for the rest of this season, Braves fans should be chanting: "M-V-P!, M-V-P!, M-V-P!"

Because even if the guys who make that decision get it wrong, Jones should know that the fans in Atlanta know who the Most Valuable Player is.

And if you can't get out to the park, there is no shame in shouting in your living room. We'll be bringing you all the action on T-B-S. And this Sunday, you'll get a little something Xtra, with Braves TBS Xtra. Don't forget to turn it on, turn it up and let the chanting begin!

Marc Fein is the studio host of Braves TBS Xtra. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.