Francoeur pours on the hits

Francoeur pours on the hits

ATLANTA -- Good bounces through the infield weren't the only things that were in Jeff Francoeur's favor Tuesday night as he set a career-high with four hits. If things had gone the way Bobby Cox wanted, Adam LaRoche would have paid the rookie a favor by buying dinner for him.

"[Francoeur] found a bunch of holes tonight, but LaRochy kept hitting into double plays," Cox said.

"And I told him that he owes Francoeur a dinner -- he could have gotten a 5-for-5 night."

Although LaRoche hit into two double plays on the night, he was relieved from buying dinner, Francoeur said, because of his RBI double in the first inning.

"[LaRoche] got us started early with that double and two RBIs, which helped and got us going," Francoeur said. "So he's fine, he doesn't owe me nothing."

As has been the case for much of the past month, the Atlanta native was the star again Tuesday night as he was a perfect 4-for-4 and scored one run.

While the hits have been pouring in for the rookie, the walks have not. In 22 Major League games, Francoeur still has not walked, and when he forced a 3-2 count in his last at-bat in the seventh, it appeared that Francoeur would get a base on balls for the first time in his young career. Instead, he ripped the pitch into left field.

"I was actually ready to get a walk," Francoeur said. "I was locked in, loaded and ready. And he obviously threw the changeup there, so I had to swing. But [the rest of the Braves] were all over me, they thought it was a possible walk."

And then, with a smirk and a shrug, he added, "But you know, hey, maybe tomorrow night."

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