Chipper misses second straight game

Chipper misses second straight game

LOS ANGELES -- Braves slugger Chipper Jones said the inflammation in his right ring finger felt no better on Friday, and he was held out of the lineup for a second straight game.

"I still feel pain when it bends either way," Jones said. "I'm still getting treatments today and I'll see what they say."

Jones could need a cortisone shot in the coming days. He said he was not going to take batting practice on Friday and that it was difficult to throw the ball on Thursday.

Manager Bobby Cox did not think Jones would need to go to the disabled list, but Jones didn't rule out the possibility.

"I would imagine we would probably wait to see if we get the shot whether or not I can help off the bench for the time being," Jones said. "But if I can't, there's only so long you can wait before you need another body."

Jones has been receiving contrast treatment, which exposes the finger to alternately hot and cold temperatures, and he has also been receiving cortisone through a pad, avoiding a direct shot.

The injury pulled Jones out of Wednesday's game against the Phillies in Atlanta. He thinks it's a stress injury, caused by the three-fingered way he holds the bat with his little finger tucked under the knob. He's felt the pain before in his career, but it has usually dissipated. It's exacerbated when he faces left-handers because his right hand is then his bottom hand on the bat and receives more direct impact from contact.