Cox not in favor of increased replay use

Cox not in favor of increased replay use

LOS ANGELES -- The Braves were watching Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga's perfect-game bid Wednesday night, and the team's first reaction was the same as first-base umpire Jim Joyce's.

"To the naked eye -- we were all watching it on the airplane live -- he looked safe," manager Bobby Cox said Thursday. "Our first thing was [gosh darn it], we wanted to see him get the no-hitter. And, you know, he was out by a half a step."

Replays showed that Joyce's safe call at first base on the potential final out of the perfect game was wrong. Cox doesn't want to see any ex post facto corrections, though. No additional instant replay, and no alteration of the box score to credit Galarraga with a perfect game.

"Not for me," Cox said. "What are they gonna do, replay a game where you throw out the winning run at home in a tie game, and everybody walks off the field and [replay] clearly shows the guy never made it to home plate? It was blocked off and they tag him. You gonna change that one?"

Commissioner Bud Selig said in a statement Thursday he would look at potentially expanding replay use in baseball.